Save-the-date for the next CRVI meeting on September 12, 2017. It will take place 5 - 6:30pm at the Williams Field Critterville Park in Richlands, Virginia. Find more details about the event on our events calendar under the "Events and News" tab.

We are delighted to share the first installment of the new Clinch River article series from the CRVI Water Quality Action Group - "Currently on the Clinch".  Check out the entire first edition at this link.

Environmental Education Curriculum Guide 

The CRVI Environmental Education Action Team, in partnership with Friends of Southwest Virginia and with funding by the Virginia Environmental Endowment, has produced a curriculum guide for educators across the Clinch River Valley and beyond. Teach The Clinch takes both newly-developed and "tried and true" science curricula and adapts them to the Clinch River Valley, using the watershed's unique organisms and ecosystems to introduce broader scientific concepts to students. Teach The Clinch was composed by Carol Doss and Christopher Anama-Green with guidance from action team members and provides curricula that can be used both in K-12 educators' classrooms and at the new Clinch River Ecological Center in St. Paul. The guide is free and can be viewed and downloaded at

Check out the new "Tastes of the Clinch" map! It highlights locally owned restaurants and access points to the river. More information can be found under "Events and News" and at the Heart of Appalachia website.

Celebrations for the induction of Honaker, Tazewell, Dante, Richlands, and Cedar Bluff into Hometowns of the Clinch will be coming soon!